Twangoo is one of many websites where you can find good deals in Hong Kong. Online you can find ideas for birthday presents, experiences, activities or a little pampering.


You can find deals such as:

massages, facials, manicures and pedicures, hair care,…

fitness sessions: yoga, gym, martial arts

activities: golf simulators, paint ball, windsurfing, …

dining discounts

lessons: photography, wakeboarding, languages, etiquette, …

photo sessions

and some physical items


Twangoo gets deal from new businesses in Hong Kong. This is great to discover something new that you might keep doing after your voucher.

They also have addresses which you would never find out on your own, hidden away in tower block that you might walk by everyday and completely ignored.

Always look at the fine prints, most of the offer last for 3 months the start date might be a little later then the current date.

Tip: I have used a few of these vouchers last minute, as I bought them, printed them out and forgotten them. Keep in mind that you are not the only one with the voucher, they are a lot of people who forget and book the week before the deal ends, so if you want to make sure you chose the date and time that suit you, book it early.

Enjoy your daily candy Go and check it out here!