Relocating to Hong Kong

I am going to write a series of articles on relocating to Hong Kong. These posts will be not be following one another but will be posted throughout the year. If you are looking for some more information please contact me directly with your query and I will reply within a week.

Tip 1 – ask

  • The first tip I will give to anyone arriving in this amazing city is to ask about what you are looking for. This may be a job, a new network, team sport or just your everyday shampoo, grocery or other… Hong Kong has almost everything, it just comes at a price most of the time.

Tip 2 – do not compare

  • This works for prices: as mentioned above you can find almost everything it just comes at a price. Hong kong is far from most of the places in the world you might be coming from. Therefore the items you are looking for will have been shipped internationally and that cost.
  • Also on the comparing note, Hong Kong is nothing like any other place in the world (every city in the world is different to one another). So there is no point saying: “but back home I had this amount space for this price” or “I could do so and so on the weekends” or “people were like this instead of like that” the only thing this will do is remind you where you came from and that you are not there anymore. You will be focusing on the past and not what a great time you could be having right now. Take Hong Kong as it is, it is an amazing city with loads to offer from the shopping mall day into the hike in the new territories surrounded by monkeys, to a day out sailing and much more.

Tip 3 – relocation guideshkcg-1611-relocating-to-hk

  • Information is easily available to find about Hong Kong for your arrival and settling in. You will most likely be browsing the internet first, and then asking people for feedback. As relocation are very frequent, some real estate agencies and other organization have put together relocation guides. Ask your real estate agent if they have a copy to give you or if they can recommend one. Also, Chambers of Commerce will do a relocation guide every now and then with useful numbers, shop details, activities… So if you see one around grab it.