Private Kitchens

I learned about private kitchens when I first go back to HK. It’s now something I look for so i can try different cuisines and discovering new areas (possibly), as living in Hong Kong for a while things can get to be repetitive. Plus I tend to be quite curious!

Private Kitchens in Hong Kong are not fully-fledged restaurant and serve a limited number of diners. Most are in converted apartments which gives a more personal experience. You will have to book in advance in order to get a table. Some have set menus, some have a few options, some serve alcohol and some are BYOB without corkage fee. Prices varies from one to another. You should ask before you go just to make sure you get no bad surprises.

Why I like them – because it’s normally very different then the usual restaurant you can go to and always order the same food, this gives you a choice of food you might not have picked. You can discover new tastes, new dishes, and most of the time in a more cosy environment.