Networking in Hong Kong

Networking in Hong Kong is the best way to do pretty much everything around this amazing city. Networking is not only at events where everyone goes to meet people but it’s everywhere. It is more a lifestyle I would say sometimes.

Wether you are new to this island city or you have been around for a while, networking can help you in many ways.

Here are a few examples of networking occasions:

  • Actual event organised by an associations, chambers, company or other. People at these events go mostly to meet other people, increase business, i.e. they have a goal in mind.networking in hong kong
  • Events organised on a theme, creativity, a type of business, a talk about something. At these events people attend because they want to learn something new, get inspired.
  • Social events, these range from your drinks after work to birthday party, junk putting, afternoon of hiking. All these are great moments to networking

Networking does not only happen in specific events in Hong Kong. It is everywhere and happening all the time.

The first type of events mentioned above are great to get started. It gets you out and meeting people, which is great when you first arrive. However after a while it can become quite tiresome, so it’s good to change it up.

The second type of events are my favorite because I have a personal interest. Therefore I get to learn something new and meet people at the same time. I also get a motivation boost from these events.

The social event are just fun occasions at which sometime you might meet you next client, business partner or new best friend.

A few tips for networking:

  • Business cards or name cards- you should always have them on you. Even if you do not work. Write your name, mobile and email on it and if you are looking for a job write down “looking in …”
  • Come up with a three line intro for yourself. Something simple yet to the point, this always helps to get started.
  • Have a question to open up the conversation that gets you to learn something a little more personal about the person you are meeting.
  • Smile 😀 it is always nicer to speak to someone who is smiling
  • And to finish off hand over and receive cards with two hands, local customs.

Happy networking!