Horse races


Happy Wednesday everyone!

It’s September and the horse races are back!

The weather is beginning to be enjoyable in the evenings, it’s time to meet up in the Valley on Wednesday for some catching up or just good old hanging out.

For those who are new to Hong Kong the horse races are a good occasion to go out. They happen in two locations, Happy Valley on Hong Kong island mostly Wednesdays evening and in Shatin in the New Territories mostly Sunday day time. I say mostly as it can change for some special occasions.hkcg-1509-horse.races1

People go to the races for many reasons, gambling is a big one (one of the 2 only ways to gamble in Hong Kong) to socialise, to drink and party. I enjoy going there because there is always people I cross that I have not seen in a while, great for catching up!

If you have not done the races it is definitely to do at least once. Need to be over 18 as there are drinks and gambling.

PS. as I said before mostly on Wednesday evenings, throughout the whole racing season, September to July. To make sure you do not head over when nothing is on, checkout the Hong Kong Jockey Club race schedule available on: