Hong Kong culture clash

I have come across a few people complaining about not being understood or finishing a conversation very frustrated. This happens a lot in places where you have a diversity of cultures. Here is a bit more about Hong Kong culture clash and a few suggestions for the next time this happens.


A french person will have grown up in an european environment, with its culture, tradition and everyday lifestyle. An asian person on the other hand will mostly likely have had a completely different settings. You can do this with different cultures all around, british, spanish, chinese, australian, american, indonesian, south african and so forth.

Here is an example:

Person A talks to person B in the english they learned. Person A has their speed of speech, mannerism and tone of speech, so does person B. Each of these are diverse and can contrast each other.

Person A thinks they are saying what they want to say but it might come out differently to person B. On the other side of the conversation person B is hearing something not clear and interpreting it their own way.

And on top of that you add frustration, then one person is getting angry because they are not being understood and the other might become angry or defensive.

How to avoid being frustrated:

Keep in mind that the person in front of you thinks differently.

-If there happens to be something unclear ask again another way.

-If you get irritated because of a tone they are taking with you, think where it’s coming from before reacting. It might just be a way they speak or they misinterpreted what you said and therefore are reacting themselves.

Remember everyone has their own opinion which does not reflect yours and that is fine. You do not have to accept their opinion, just accept that they have a different view then yours.

I hope this helps, any comments and feedback are welcome. So please do share.