HK magazine the list

HK magazine the list is a bimonthly magazine about Hong Kong with a different topic for every issue depending on the season and events going around.hkcg-1605-hk.magazine.the.list

They have also updated their website which is great to have a look around through past and current articles.

Hong Kong is an ever growing city with new bars coming up, events passing by and so much more that it can be hard to track. Sometimes you realise after it has passed that there was an event that you would have liked to attend.

That where the list comes in handy, with topics such as: junk season, rainy days, Christmas season, school starting up, relocating to hong kong, Chinese New year traditions and much more, you can read up and look for what interest you. They also have a Mr Know-it-all’s column so you can ask anything about Hong Kong and once a month there is a page all dedicated to Hong Kong Real Estate written by Stella Abraham working at Jones Lang Lasalle, residential department.


the list can be picked up at many coffee shops, bar, restaurant and other venues for full list look at :

online :

more about Stella :