HK getaway: Moalboal


Destination Philippines for some underwater getaway

From Hong Kong it is a direct flight to Cebu and a two and half to three hours drive to get to Moalboal by car hire. (quickest way)

Moalboal is on the island of Cebu and is best known for its diving site.

I have been there a couple of times now to enjoy the diving. The great thing about this location is that you do not need to take a boat to go diving, you can just go from the shore, walk/swim 20 meters and you get to the drop.Hkcg-1504-moalboal1

It’s drops 30 meter and then continues into an extra drop that goes to over 80 meter.

Most people go for scuba diving. I go there for the free-diving. (No air bottles just hold your breath)

Just off Panagsama beach you can see some coral although a lot has been destroyed over time, but there is a school of sardines that hang around the area and you will also spot the occasional sea turtle.

There is a sanctuary just a bit south of Panagsama (5 mins boat trip) where fishing and boat anchoring on the reef are prohibited. This is my favorite area as the underwater life is amazing. You can find large unspoiled corals, a diversity of fish and all that in the shallow end at just 5 meters depth. And the deeper end is even more amazing.


The shallow water are great for all (free-diving, snorkeling, scuba diving) and deeper waters for free-diving and scuba diving.Hkcg-1504-moalboal2

When free-diving it is better to eat light. You should try the kinilaw (fish ceviche) picture shown.

P.S. (As a traveler) please respect the places you visit, pick up after yourselves and if you see rubbish floating in the sea and you have somewhere you can put it until you get back to shore please collect it too. I know how I enjoy it when I go places and find them well kept; I would think most people do too.


Every little bit helps, thanks

For more pictures have a look on instagram @852citygirl or #hkcitygirl

Enjoy your hk getaway: moalboal