Decathlon is a french sport store chain who deal in a variety of sports. They have brand items as well as their own manufactured items.

The store caters for both novice to expert sport enthusiasts. 70 sports according to the Hong Kong website. From rackets sport, to water sport, football, rugby, hiking and trekking and many more.
I had made it a regular stop, each time I head back to France. The list is all written up ahead. And the shop visit can last for quite a while. therefore I make sure I have enough space in my suitcase. The sport equipment is well priced and qood quality. This is from my personal experience. And so far it has not deceived me.

The Hong Kong stores have opened on August 2nd. Presently there are two locations:
Mong Kok
Grand Plaza Basement
another option for those who do not live or frequent the “dark side”
Causeway Bay
Park Lane First Floor
Hong Kong Island

As much as I do wonder around the dark side, I had a look at the causeway bay store as it is quicker for me to go to.

For those who know the chain already they might have heard of its opening since a while. Do not expect the same size stores as back in France. In fact we do live in a crowed city with limited space. The range in each sport is not as big either, it has the basics for the Hong Kong populations need.

Should the store not have your item, you can have a look at their website and order there. Afterward you can chose either home delivery with a shipping cost or you can pick in store.

Happy shopping!