Creative Mornings

Try starting you Fridays with a Creative Mornings event.


What is it? It is a event where one speaker following a theme gives a talk. These mornings first started in New York. The creator, Tina Roth Eisenberg, would go to creative talks a few times a year. But she wanted for these types of event to happen on a more frequent base and came up with Creative Mornings. The idea is that one speaker talks about a theme for a short time. The events where to be free and open to anyone. And there is free coffee and breakfast too!


When? Friday morning, once a month. Check out the dates of the event on their website featured at the end of the post.


Where? The venue varies from month to month. It can be Central, Wanchai, Shau Kei Wan, to SCAD beautiful campus in Sham Shui Po. This talk was a treat as you could join a campus tour after the talk. It is an old magistrate building that houses the SCAD.


How? Creative Mornings run on a volunteer basis. Thus all speakers give their time. Also the venues, coffees and breakfast are all donated.


Who? Like mentioned above everyone is welcome, all you need to do is to sign up on the website and show up.


Why? Change up your Friday mornings. And get a cup of a tasty coffee. Also meet some new people, or catch up with acquaintances and friends. How about using the opportunity to wake up before heading to work. To name a few reasons…


The next event will be on Friday 20th of October.

The theme will be PIONEER

In October there will be more than one speaker, shorter talks as it is the audience who will take the stage.

Sign up to their updates to get it straight into you mailbox. You will get the location then.