Airplane travelling kit

 airplane travelling kit 1While unpacking from a long trip I was going through my airplane travelling kit, if you I may call it that. This is something I put together for long haul flights, which has grown over the years. These items help me through the long hours of flying.

note: I have been travelling since I was little and I have yet to learn how to travel light! still working on it 😉

-a pair of comfortable socks: extra from what I am wearing;going to the bathroom in planes is not always the cleanest,  so I  take another pair instead, to keep my feet warm and to walk about.

-hand moisturiser: in a dry environment it is a must, plus if I have dry skin anywhere else I will use it too. It might be hand moisturiser, but it will moisturise skin in general.

-lip balm: If you are not drinking enough despite your best efforts, then dry lips  are one of the first signs of dehydration.

-empty bottle of water: it has water  when I get to the airport but I finish it  myself or with some help from the person I am flying with. After going through security with the empty bottle I fill it up on the other side. Most international airport have water fountains, or drinkable tap water. If not I buy another bottle.

-nail file: dry nails break; this is a quick fix before I can really touch them up.

-Caudalie Beauty Elixir: I first heard about this a little over a year ago. Spray it on your face and it freshens you up, and wake you up a little too. Go and try it in a store if you can, or you might know another product like it. I find it works great.

-Oxy cream (see picture) : this is a little bit of a miracle cream to make zits go away, it dries them fast. I just hate it when they creep up on your face.

-spray deodorant: nothing to say here, it is self explanatory.

-travel cushion: I used to think it was too much of a hassle travelling with one, but it changes you trip so much!!! I never travel without it now. Two years ago, I forgot my cushion at home and decided to buy a new one at the airport to go through the 12 hour flight coming ahead.

-compression socks: for those who have them. I also find that a foot massage coming back to Hong Kong after a flight is also very good for  your leg circulation. (Got to love Hong Kong for those bargain foot massages!)

-headphones: the sets they give you in the planes are really low quality and  you need to put the volume really loud just to hear a little bit, so I take my own.

-headphones jack adapter: some plane now have the single jack like most headphones, however some still have the double jack. Head to a computer center to buy one for cheap and start using your own headphones. It will also make watching the movie much more pleasant.

Happy travels!

airplane travelling kit 2